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Hide-and-seek Hide-and-seek  2006-01-29
Categories: [.Romania - Oradea]  [nature]  
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2005 - Oradea, Romania

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  • Hello, nem szovegelek sokat, csak gondoltam kozlom, hogy vegignezegettem a kepeid, es gondoltam kozlom, hogy le vagyok nyugozve, (bar egy amatortol a dicseret is csak csak egy felhalk szosszenet). Gratulalok. (My apologies to all those who don't speak hungarian, it was just a compliment)
    csomai @ 2006-02-02 04:45:41
  • :)
    edina @ 2006-02-09 00:54:56
  • This is not a happy picture. Is this the way we see the world? Only bits'n pieces...
    Idegen faszi @ 2006-02-15 13:51:58
  • yes it is! it's a game, and the Sun knows it :)
    edina @ 2006-02-15 23:38:37
  • it's just that our souls need something mystical, and, from time to time, nature is offering us all its splendor, just to confort us...so we must not be blind, that is, we have to enjoy it as long as we got it...
    dorian gray @ 2006-04-16 11:03:30
  • Everything is mystical, Dorian!
    edina @ 2006-04-16 15:33:01

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